About Renée De Clair

Diamond processing is one of the most exciting professions where the skills of the professional turn a unique, natural and raw material in a crown of beauty.

The team of Renée De Clair offers high and precise level of verification and grading of rough and polished diamonds.

Our expert appraisers use the highest quality equipment and instruments available on the market to inspect diamonds.

Our advanced and efficient method of operation allows us to inspect and grade gemstones with the highest possible level of accuracy.

We operate with diamonds acquired from legitimate sources, in full compliance with GIA and HRD certificates.

Our goal is to reveal the true beauty of the rough stone, turning it into a polished diamond – a symbol of power, love and dedication.

Renée De Clair is a family company founded to satisfy and protect the interests of their customers, in order to reveal the material and emotional value of their holdings of diamonds, investment gold, silver and jewellery.

Interview with Renée De Clair