The current terms and conditions apply ules of the usage of website www.declair.eu.

These terms and conditions gives information of the usage regulations of the electronic store “Renee de Clair” owned by “Amundi”Ltd.

Www.declair.eu is the “The Website” of the brand “Renee de Clair” which is owned by “Amundi”Ltd , with tax registered number BG201255707 and headquarter address operating in Sofia 1517, j.k. Suha Reka, ul. Stefan Bogoridi №77.

Amundi” Ltd. sells jewellery made of precious metals, precious stones, investment gold and investment silver, also provides expert assessments and expert determination of quality characteristics of precious stones - of raw and processed precious stones.

Amundi” Ltd. offers gold and silver jewellery with precious stones and natural pearls with brand name Renee de Clair, also sells investment gold and silver with test 999,9.

All offered products can be delivered to the provided from the Client address, using currier services or obtained from the Company showroom.

Each user of this website agrees with the conditions of these “Terms of Use” for the entire period of time using the site, from initial entry to the exit of the website.

User of this website are not allowed to perform any actions infringing or impairing the rights or interests of third parties.

All offers of available jewellery on this website provide basic information and indication of prices of offered products according to their type, weight and quality parameters.

In the website, the specified set prices refer to the specific weight of the product(s). If the size of the jewellery should be corrected and this will change its weight or is assembled with another precious stone, in accordance to Client’s preferences and the available parameters shown in the website then the price will be adjusted as well.

The price indicated on the desired product is for one item, in currency Bulgarian LEV (BGN) including VAT taxes, and for investment gold is without VAT, and in both cases delivery is not included in the price.

The limit for a single payment by card is 15000 BGN.

Payment of goods through POS terminal is possible with Maestro, Visa and MasterCard.

In the occasion of any differences between the weight and the price of the custom-made product, requested by the Client, the last one will be notified via e-mail or telephone and the final deal will be implemented only with the consent of the client.

The Client indicates the basic parameters of the desired jewellery, according to the presented available options and type of products (size of rings and wedding rings, color of gold or choice of different central diamond, according to the possible options in the site). For such enquiries, the Client has to contact us via phone: +359/988819611 

All offers presented on website “Amundi”Ltd www.declair.eu are accompanied by graphic material and certificates of conformance.

Upon delivery The Client will receive a certificate, containing information of the type of the jewellery, type of the metal and type of the stones (if any), color, clarity and carats of the jewellery with natural stones, weight of the product and price.

Ordering jewellery is done by pressing “Order”. Each order must be confirmed by the merchant and in case of unauthorized payment or lack thereof, it may be refused. 

In the event of a bilateral confirmation of the requested order, the action is a statement of intent that binds the customer and Anmundi EOOD to the force of the contract, respectively to the conditions described in this document and the rules of the Consumer Protection Act and the Trading Rules Act. 

The Customer is responsible to provide accurate dispatch address and phone number, which we can use to get in touch during the contracted time of delivery.

Providing false/wrong addresses or phone numbers would make the order invalid and frees “Amundi”ltd from all legal obligations of the contract arrangement to deliver the good(s).

Entusting Your Personal Data

AMUNDI LTD is registered as an administrator of personal data and as such has the right to collect and process personal data of all Users in regards to the usage of the Website and insuring the delivery of the offered terms and conditions in compliance with the jurisdictions of the legislations of the Republic of Bulgaria.

By using the Website, the Client accepts their personal data to be collected and processed by AMUNDI LTD due to the needs of correct functioning of the Website and using the offered Terms and conditions. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user agrees to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of contract of sale of goods offered on the Website.

ANMUNDI Ltd. is due diligence and is responsible for the protection and confidentiality of the user's personal data and information made known to ANMUNDI Ltd. in regards to the registration of the User - subject to these Terms and Conditions, EXCEPT in cases of unavoidable force, accident or malicious acts of third parties.

By registering on www.declair.eu website, the User permits his profile(s) in this website, Facebook or any other virtual space or at the provided by the client e-mail address to receive private, commercial or trade messages from AMUNDI Ltd. in connection to advertising campaigns including: discounts, new products and services


Using the POS terminal, AMUNDI Ltd. does not collect any card data and as a trader we do not have access to them, only our servicing bank has.

Currency transaction (the one that is introduced into the payment page at purchase) is Bulgarian lev (BGN).