Terms of Cancellations and Returns.

1. Client, who has ordered any good from website "Amundi" Ltd www.declair.eu, has the right to decline that order prior to its dispatch or before its delivery when:

- In the event, when the payment is not done on the day of the order, the purchase of the item(s) will be considered invalid.

-When an order is made by the Client and the next the day the client wishes to cancel that purchase via telephone number evidenced on our website, that order will be annulated and the value money will be transferred back to the Client via bank transfer, where the bank fees and commissions will be covered by the client.

-The client has the right in a 7 (seven) day period of time to return the purchased item only when possible to evidence the payment / cash receipt and/ or invoice/in the good is at its original state and quality.

- When a good has been returned, in accordance to the above rules and regulations your refund will be paid within one weak, including the taxes of bank processing (taxation for administrative work) if any, and any other reasonable and direct expanses that the client has made on the return.

-We will be paying such refund expenses to the Client via bank transfer. If you have not done it yet, please send us no later than the time when the item is send back to us Your bank details (bank account, name of your bank, country of the account opened, currency in which the item was purchased, SWIFT/BIC, name of Recipient, ) this will be the account to which we will send the refund.

-In the subject of reclamation would not be considered any jewelry maintained or repaired by third party - other jeweler after the purchase of our items made at a showroom or through our website "Anmundi " Ltd. Also when repaired with big malformations or scratched or damaged by negligence.

2. After the item(s) is delivered, The Client is entitled to reclamation when:

- The purchased item is visibly not corresponding to the ordered item, which can be checked by simple examination.

- Damage occurs on the good or on its package during the time of transportation.

- Reclamations are not accepted if the client has made wrong order in regards to sizes.

If the client wishes any correction or adjustments this is possible on client’s expenses.

-When proven rights of reclamation the transport expenses will be covered by Anmundi ltd.

Important!!! Reclamation on the above points can be done only at the time of delivery.