Investment gold, investment silver and dental gold

  • Gold 999.9

    After the abolition of the gold standard, in 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, in order to finance the war, the world resorted to a budget deficit and paper money. If gold securing was not removed, the war would not last for more than a few months. Instead, it lasted more than four years, crushed most of the major industries in the world economy, and took millions of lives.
    Today, gold retains some of its monetary properties, and some investors use it as a stock of value, usually investing in investment coins or gold bullion. This is done as protection against inflation or other economic crashes.
    Gold is a conservative financial instrument and profits, and losses on this type of investment are moderately low. During the economic crisis, gold is a preferred choice for investors, because the risk of loss is very low
    It is very fast liquid (can be sold at any point in any part of the world, at a price close to the stock market, while preserving its overall appearance.

    Investment gold

    Investment gold is 24-carat (sample 999.9) and is exempt from VAT, duty and other taxes (EU Directive 112/2006 and the VAT Act).
    It is sold in the form of bars and coins.
    The prices at which the investment gold is sold are updated daily against the London Metal Exchange

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  • Silver 999.9

    The global financial and politicizing crisis is increasingly determining the interest in investing in precious metals in order to preserve and save the accumulated financial capital for both large investors and small traders.

    Investment silver

    Why invest in silver?

    Silver as a metal has a much wider industrial application as an important industrial material of major importance to many industries than gold, as a result of which its demand significantly exceeds the quantities offered. In recent years, there has been a steady and growing shortage in silver production, and it is becoming more and more difficult to meet the needs of its use. Its yields are not enough to meet rising demand and this is not the case today, but it has been happening since the 1990s. It is likely that this trend will be preserved in the future, given the increasing consumption of this metal, Combined with its limited quantities. A well-known rule in the economy is that when demand for an asset exceeds its supply, this leads to its appreciation.

    Renee De Clair offers its clients silver investment with a sample of 999.99
    Each bull has an identical number accompanied by a certificate from the manufacturer, the silver sample guarantor.
    The certificate should be stored at your request, sold at any point in the world.

  • Dental gold

    Зъболекарското злато се изработва по поръчка и по индивидуални изисквания на зъботехническата лаборатория